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Court Booking Rules

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  1. A court can only be booked once a member has credit on their fob. This can be purchased either at the bar or via bank transfer (bank details available on membership fob info sheet, or on request from membership@hinckleysquash.com).
  2. All court bookings are to be made from the club booking website or a kiosk at the club, in both cases following the rules embedded into the booking software.
  3. Visitor Bookings – to play a non-member or a member who does not have booking rights to the court required you must choose to play a visitor in the booking system and the appropriate fee will be charged. To satisfy the requirements of England Squash as visitor registration must be completed within 7 days of playing by emailing visitor@hinckleysquash.com with the name and email address of your visiting opponent. Failure to do so will result in booking rights being suspended. As stated in the club constitution an individual visitor may only play at the club a maximum of 6 times per year.
  4. Opponents (or a 'Visitor') are now required to be selected for all bookings. If you want to use the court by yourself then select 'SOLO_PLAY' as the opponent and the court can be booked. Note if you want to change to an opponent before the court time, you can login, select the court and choose Select/Change Opponent, choose the new opponent, and confirm the edit. The booking will then change. Use of this option to play a non-member, or member without playing rights is strictly forbidden and will result in membership being suspended.
  5. No play should take place on court without court lights being controlled by the booking system.
  6. Immediately prior to going on court the booking must reflect the actual players using the court. The opponent can be changed at any time prior to commencement by the owner of the booking, logging in, selecting the court and choosing the correct opponent.
  7. All court timings are set according to the time displayed on the club booking kiosks – individual clocks around the club are 'for indication only'.
  8. Your session starts promptly at the booking time and you are entitled access to the courts at this time. However please indicate politely to anyone already playing that you are ready and waiting for them to leave the court. Court lights come on 3 minutes prior to the booked court time; if the court is vacant then you may use this time.
  9. If another booking follows yours, you must vacate the court promptly. If no-one is following, then the court lights stay on for 3 minutes. Feel free to make use of this time.
  10. 'Additional minutes' on the lights can be purchased immediately after your court booking (provided no-one else is booked onto the court). They can be purchased in blocks of 10 minutes from the booking kiosks. Log-in, choose ‘Extra Lights’ and purchase the amount of time that you require. Please note that Extra Lights should only be used for extending bookings.
  11. A full member may book a court 14 days in advance. A Junior member may book 7 days in advance. A student may book 14 days in advance. A Leisure Player may book courts 1,2 & 3 (court 4 not available) 7 days in advance. A Casual Player may book courts using cash only at the club during bar opening hours (no online booking is available), courts can be booked 24 hours in advance. A Casual Player can only have one active booking at a time. Any courts not being used may be booked at the club on the day by any registered member/player.
  12. No member may book more than one peak time session for any day except when such sessions remains unbooked within 7 days of the commencing time of the session.

Infringement of any of the above rules will result in appropriate action being taken up to and including recovery of lost revenue and cancellation of membership.